Cheer off & Spirit

The cheer off will occur during lunch and before the athletic events.

Teams will be asked to complete their cheer off at the front of the room.

NOTE: All team cheers must be one minute or less. Please ensure your cheer does not utilize any offensive language or phrases.

The following are the Spirit Awards, each team will be eligible to win. These include:

  1. Team Spirit Award:The team that accumulates the most Spirit points throughout Nursing Games
  2. Best Team Cheer Award: The team that receives the highest amount of votes for their cheer, by nursing students from schools other than their own.
  3. Compassionate Care Award: The team that provides the most compassionate relational care to their patient/client and family/friends/loved ones within the Sim portion of Nursing Games. This will be voted on by faculty leading the sims.

Spirit points will be awarded throughout the day. Spirit ambassadors may approach teams at any point throughout the day with a challenge. Participation in each challenge earns your team additional spirit points.