Prep: Simulation Scenarios

Scenario 1


  1. Plan nursing care for the assigned client by:
    a. Identifying assessment priorities and anticipated findings.
    b. Identifying potential patient risks and appropriate interventions.

Pre-simulation review:
Nursing care of a trauma patient who has a left chest contusion, a concussion, and is 5 days post-op for an open reduction and internal fixation of left femur.

Scenario 2


  1. Identify signs and symptoms of an opiod overdose.
  2. Provide supportive care immediately after naloxone administration in the
    community setting.
  3. Maintain a therapeutic approach while providing care.

Pre-simulation activities:
 Review Reducing Harms: Recognizing and Responding to Opioid Overdoses in Your Organization (Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario, June 2018) available at: (link)

Additional resources:
 Review Government of Ontario: Recognize and Temporarily Reverse an Opioid
Overdose available at: (link)

 Review Government of Canada naloxone information sheet available at:
a)Naloxone link
b) Frequently Asked Questions Naloxone link