Simulation/Technical Skills/Amazing Nurse

It is the team captain’s responsibility to divide their team accordingly.

The simulation lab, which is the location for the activities of clinical simulation and technical skills, can house a maximum of 12 participants per team (minimum of 7). The rest of the team will be situated at Amazing Nurse.

In the simulation lab, each school will either begin at clinical simulation or technical skills, and then the teams will swap. This means that the SAME team members from each school that are participating in clinical simulation will be going on to participate in technical skills, and vice versa.

There will be a total of 2 clinical simulation and 4 technical skills stations.

The simulation lab is located at Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies building on the 3rd floor (indicated in orange on the map). The break station will be located outside the elevator on the SAME floor. Bathrooms are located on either sides of the elevator.

The schedule for clinical simulation and technical skill is as follows:


There are a total of 9 Amazing Nurse stations which will be situated throughout the Health, Nursing, and Environmental Studies building (again, indicated in orange on the map).

The schedule for and room numbers for stations of Amazing Nurse is as follows: