Dodgeball Rules

Object of Game

  • The game ends when one team entirely eliminates all team members on the opposite team
  • A player is eliminated when they are hit by a ball that is not “saved” 
  • If a game times out, the team with more active players wins

Set Up

  • Each team can have up to six players on the court at one time
  • Gameplay begins with the balls placed on the center line, evenly spaced out


  • Each team member must begin with at least one foot on the line demarcating the back of the court on their respective side  
  • At the START of gameplay, initially retrieved balls cannot be thrown from the center line. Balls must be moved at least 1.5 meters from the center line before an INITIAL throw
    • All subsequent throws can be from anywhere in the court
    • This is to prevent very close contact hits from the center line 
  • Players can eliminate opposing players by throwing a dodgeball anywhere on the body except for the head
  • Players can DODGE, DIP, DIVE, DUCK, and DODGE again to avoid being hit by a ball
  • Players may also BLOCK a ball with a ball they are holding
  • Players must ADVANCE a ball within 5 seconds of picking up a ball, or they forfeit the ball to the opposing team by rolling the ball over the line
  • If all balls are on one side of the court, players must either throw a ball or forfeit a ball to the other team within 5 seconds


  • If the ball makes contact with a player without being caught or “saved,” a player is eliminated
  • If a player catches a ball thrown by an opposing player, the THROWER is then eliminated 
  • If a player attempts a catch and fumbles the ball, the CATCHER is then eliminated 
  • Eliminated players must line up on the outside of the court and wait for a CATCH to return to game
  • Any player who steps over the center line is eliminated


  • If a player successfully catches a ball, one of their eliminated team members rejoins the game
  • Returning players must line up according to elimination order and must return in the same order they were eliminated 


  • If a player is hit with a dodgeball by an opposing player, if that ball is then caught by another team member without making contact with another surface (floor, wall, another player), then ALL players are safe
  • If a player is hit with a dodgeball by an opposing player, if the ball is then fumbled by another team member, only the ORIGINAL PLAYER that was hit is out

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